Clients want a one-of-a-kind experience, and the ability to customize is what Art Boulle can offer

The art of door making influenced by classical antiquity and modern cosmopolitanism

Architects and Designers now have a broader palette of metals to choose from than at any other time in history, and metal is fast becoming the star building material featured in some of today’s most exciting new building projects.

Art Boulle is a name synonymous with artistry. When clients commission a door from our company, they expect a meticulously crafted, ornate product and full customization. Our meticulous process allows us to create metal-work that exceeds our customer’s expectations every time. With amazing craftsmanship that comes from the heart of our Ecuadorian facility, our products offer a solution to the repetitive selection available on the market.

Our Doors

 Using historic, traditional forms, our company blends modernity with splendour to create authentic, unique artwork products with a full range of customization. Our design specialists strive to create unique pieces of timeless quality using techniques passed down through generations. Our doors are custom tailored to your home’s exterior and interior and are handmade from the highest quality materials. In this way, we guarantee a consistently unique product that radiates elegance.

Our Styles

With a guarantee of full customization, our company collaborates with you to create artistic products which are custom tailored to your styles and home. We specialize in metal and woodworking, meaning we are able to craft exquisite doors in modern and traditional styles. We strive to blend timeless quality with modern solutions, offering any size, shape, style, ornament and form you can think of. We offer custom adornments and carvings and customization of your artistic inspiration.

Our Materials

Our company is internationally recognized for our quality, passion and appreciation for artistry. For these reasons, we use only the finest quality materials such as luxury hardwoods, various metals, stained or tinted glass and exotic tints and adorning accents. Using a union of wood and metal, we create not only doors but custom gates and exteriors, staircases and interior collections.

Why Choose Metalwork

 Metalwork is quickly becoming an important sphere in interior and exterior design. With a growing palate of workable metals, designers can create more sophisticated products for high-end homes and businesses. As we always search for originality in our metalwork, we blend tradition as well as materials to create modern, functional pieces which emanate beauty and value. Our teams use metalworking for its versatility in crafting sophisticated, timeless pieces in both modern and traditional styles for your home or business. 

Why Choose Art Boulle

With timeless, museum-ready pieces and modern, handcrafted potential, is there really any reason not to invest in an artwork from Art Boulle? We offer authentic, unique pieces for your home or business. Recognized for our product quality and dedication to the craft, our company brings about historically beautiful pieces such as doors, gateways and staircases. We are internationally recognized, having created pieces all over the world. Our beautiful designs can be found everywhere from Toronto and New York to Dubai, London and further.

Meticulous Process

They are cast in the rough; the tools of the chaser give them their sharpness, their minute finish, and their jewel-like smoothness. 

Inspired by Iron-Work Masters

We have voraciously pursued the knowledge and techniques of past eras, recreating not only the forms but the techniques of these masters. Our team at Art Boulle has created museum style pieces that will endure for centuries to come.



As you arrive at this yawning cobble stone entrance from the bustling street, be ready to be awestruck as the ornate palace gates unfurl to reveal the splendor and radiating vistas of a luxurious estate.

New York

Modern Idiom




This door combines stylized flower forms and rippling scalloped bands rendered in contrasting textures, forming a free pattern of extraordinary richness and creating a sense of highly charged motion.


Ecanto de madera Exotica

New York

Design by Paola Cesa


In a quaint community just north of Toronto a winding road cuts through lush greenery, giving way to the heart of artistic magnificence.




This design features a prominent hand fullered texture on all of the scrolling materials, which creates rhythm and visual interest unattainable using machine embossed materials.

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